KPRN Network

KPRN Network, founded in 1994 by Hanna Kleber, is among the top 10 leading tourism PR agencies in Germany. Offices are situated in Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. The agency offers dynamic marketing strategies as well as image campaigns that enables us to emphasize the unique selling proposition of our products.


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lateinamerika e.V. (ARGE)

ARGE was founded in 1982 by Andreas Gross. Today, more than 60 members, among others airlines, hotels and tour operators are a member of ARGE. The association is committed to supporting the tourism to Latin America. They advertise for an improved understanding of this fascinating culture and nature room.


Inter Gsa

Inter GSA was founded by Mr Antonio Gedeon in 1994 when he wanted to use his 30 years of experience with Aerolineas, VASP and Air France in representing airlines on the Benelux market. Inter GSA is a gsa working dedicated with its partner-airlines by investing in experienced staff on all domains, servicing and sales. Knowledge of the market, being active by organising events, roadshows, holiday fairs, presentations and the daily service towards the client is top priority. Inter GSA is reflecting the needs of the airlines with the needs of the Benelux markets.


enlloy aviation

enlloy aviation was founded by Mr. Javier Gumiel, who has over 20 years of experience in the GSA business. His office is located in the heart of Madrid and he represents airlines like Air Astana, Air Algérie, etc. The global network is extensive, especially to the Latin American market, but also in Asia and North America.




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